Machine Shoes


The machine vibration can cause problems both in the current machine, the working environment and other machines is not news. It is not our machine shoes either. It is well-proven, and engineered to withstand harsh pressures in the most diverse environments.

Our machine mounts minimize vibrations in two ways. Partly prevents the vibrations are transmitted to other machines and the adjacent working environment, and partly insulates the equipment from external influences in the form of vidrationer. Learn more about our machine shoes by printing out the fact sheet.

In addition to machine the shoes naturally prevents vibrations to or from the machine, they have several advantages

  • The construction is simple, and machine setup is done quickly and economically
  • The trade-off with nivelleringsplattan provides a steady and safe support at both the adjustment and when the machine is in the correct position
  • The vibration-damping material is resistant to both water and oil.
  • Machine shoes are available for machines from 50 to 5000 kg.

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