An important component of this method is the packers. A packer is a device for sealing the drill hole, for example injection. Packer is inserted into the drilled hole. Which expanded rubber part which thereby seals the hole. Then grout is injected into and seal cracks in the rock. Concurrent stabilizes the rock mass and the “glue” it together. This method provides a very good seal also injected material with low viscosity.

Grouting with reusable packers goes briefly to this:

  • Install the packer injection tube. Then insert the packer in the drill hole.
  • Expand the packer with the injection tube.
  • Injecting the paste through the packer to the appropriate pressure or volume. Groundwater has “pushed away” and the surrounding cracks are sealed.
  • Turn the pressure behind the gasket when the injection is complete. The check valve in the packer sealed.
  • Unscrew and remove the injection tube. Special oversized washers are expanded in the packer bore.
  • The injection tube is washed to be reused.
  • Packers supplied in two different pressure levels. It is important to choose packers after which the pressure but should inject with. Packers delivered for maximum pressure 50 to 100 bar.
  • It is important that the rubber quality of packers is of good quality to seal well enough inside the drill hole. Rubber s perishable and loses its properties over time.

There are two main groups of packers:

  • COMPRESSIBLE PACKER. A rubber sleeve that expands by compression.
  • INFLATABLE PACKERS. A reinforced rubber hose that is pressurized internally to expand.

Both these types are available as disposable and reusable packers