System Thorbolt® means an innovation in bolting and due to hedging. Bolting and slutinjektering of ambient fracture occurs under pressure in a single process, which saves time and money for both clients and contractors. Two of the main benefits of the system Thorbolt® are that you are completely sure that the bolt is fully potted and therefore are corrosion resistant, and also that it can be used in the water-bearing rock. The system has many unique advantages which you can read more about by printing the brochure on this website..


The process is a little simplified divided into five steps:

  • Insert Thor Bolten with mounted reinforcement bars and the drain line in the borehole.
  • Tighten the nut so that the “rubber sleeve” on the bolt compresses and expands in the drill hole. Then the hole is completely sealed
  • Connect injekteringsmunstycket and fill the hole with injekteringspasta. Air and water is pressed out through the evacuation hose.
  • When pure injekteringspasta will seal the drainage tube. Continue with the injection until the predetermined pressure is reached.
  • Now kamstålet completely molded and surrounding cracks sealed

See how System Thorbolt works

Examples of a Thorbolt® in tunnel washer